Heather is a wonder woman of the modern era. She is renowned for her expertise in Business and the areas of Touch for Health, EFT, GEMS and the coaching program – Decision Tree for Life™.

Heather Phillips

Honours Bachelors Physical and Health Education degree (HBPE) 

A former Chief Executive Officer in the financial services industry, Heather knows what it is to be in stressful situations and succeed despite the pressures of managing a successful business. The recent sale of her family business has allowed her to return to her passion of teaching physical, health and energy management techniques which include Touch for Health® techniques, GEMS Flow and GEMS Business,  Roger Callahan’s Thought Field Therapy (TFT) & Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) also known as “Tapping”, Top 10 Pain Relief Techniques and her own creation for coaching – Decision Tree for Life™.

Heather has her Honours Bachelor Physical and Health Education Degree from Lakehead University and did her undergraduate thesis in Touch for Health® with positive results. Her vast knowledge and use of energy techniques before, during and after her time in the financial business world has allowed her to help professionals achieve their biggest dreams and break through their biggest obstacles all the while managing their own stresses in life.

A successful recovery from back surgery, successful execution in business and her experience from the sale of her family business gives Heather a unique combination of life experiences to enable others to succeed in life.

Touch for Health

& Decision Tree 4 life


Heather Phillips


Heather is currently offering several workshops in Touch for Health® and GEMS in order to build a community of Touch for Health students and educators. She has recently launched her one-on-one business coaching called Decision Tree for Life™ which incorporates energy management techniques she used in her daily life while executing a successful Corporation.

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Level 1 is the first level of Touch for Health and is designed to be an introduction

Level 1 Syllabus

Touch for Health level 2 builds on knowledge gained in level 1
while incorporating 14 more muscles

Level 2 Syllabus

Touch for Health level 3 incorporates more advanced techniques
reinforced by levels 1 & 2 and an additional 14 muscles

Level 3 Syllabus

Touch for Health level 4 is the final level of the
Touch for Health program involving the most advanced techniques

Level 4 Syllabus

GEMS stands for Goal, Element, Mode, Stack.
It concerns priority stressors and finding a
balance technique to act as a remedy
Decision Tree for Life is a personal
coaching  system

Being a sponsor and /or an affiliate enable you to participate in the revenue generated from workshops.  If you would like to receive an affiliate link to start promoting the workshops and receiving commissions; or if you would like to become workshop host in your community, please contact Heather.